A new play on texture.

A new play on texture.

Introducing our beautifully hand-crafted coffee and side tables.

Continuing Ethnicraft’s pursuit for outstanding design, quality and distinguished craftmanship, the latest additions to our small table range offer new levels of individuality to our collection.

Inspired by, and relying on, traditional methods and artistic techniques - each table is truly unique. New materials, natural minerals and earthy pigments are brought to life by our skilled artisans to form distinctive textures. The result? Each table is exclusive with its own character, bringing beauty, meaning and personality to any space.

For more product information, please download the novelties catalogue below or visit our website. RRP can also be seen against each product on the website.

Spring Novelties 2020 Ethnicraft Furniture Spring Novelties 2020 Catalogue.pdf - 7 MB

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Product pack shots


In case you missed it...

We recently partnered with Belgian architecture firm, DMOA, to furnish a small and ‚Äč awkwardly-shaped loft apartment. See the full story.


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About The Ethnicraft Group

Authenticity, simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship in creating sustainable furniture are what we believe in. In essence, we believe in good design. Ethnicraft has been an established name in the market for more than twenty five years. Craftsmanship and enduring design are at the core of our brand, and behind the simplicity in our pieces lies a constant drive for innovation. Incorporating advanced techniques, tools and wood-processing methods to our process of creation, each new design is revised and reworked to the last detail; every curve, texture and line a reflection of our design values.

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